Chin Surgery

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An imbalance in the facial area often results functional problems as well as cosmetic unease. The chin is one area that may seem imbalanced. This is most often genetically-determined, but may also be out of proportion as a result of an injury to the face or jaw. If the chin appears too large or too small, cosmetic surgery can alter the look. Cosmetic surgery offers patients a way to rebalance their chin to the rest of their face so they can feel better about their appearance, with the chin in proportion to the rest of the face.

Surgery to the chin, in medical terms, is known as mentoplasty. Reshaping of the chin occurs in one of two ways, either by augmmenting or reducing the features. When the chin is supplemented, first an incision will be made. Then the surgeon will insert an implant to balance the chin out. Before augmenting the chin, measurements will be taken to ensure that the implant is the proper proportion to balance the chin with the rest of the face. If the mentoplasty is aimed at reducing the size of the chin, the surgeon will make an incision and remove parts of the bone.


Chin surgery is often a recommended when a person is having rhinoplasty or nose surgery. This will retain the face’s proportions and maintina a better overall look. The appearance of the chin is also known to alter the look of the nose. If the chin is oversized, the nose may look disproportionately smaller. If the chin is reduced, then the nose may appear to be larger. This is important to take into consideration before selecting chin surgery.

Unless there are complications, chin surgery normally takes an hour or under to perform. To ensure proper healing, following the surgery, a patient will be expected to wear gauze. Because of the stress on the area, there may also be side affects such as bruising and swelling throughout the face. However, chin surgery is known to have few side affects after the healing takes place. It is necessary to allow a minimum of two and three weeks for the proper changes in the chin to be effective and not as strained.

Though not as well-known as nose surgery, chin surgery can help you to adjust the proportions of your face. If you are unhappy with your chin’s appearance either because it is too large or too small, you may opt for chin surgery as a cosmetic procedure to increase your satisfaction with your looks. Prior to considering chin surgery, you should become very familiar with what the procedure involves. You should also be sure that you find a reputable and well-qualified surgeon to carry out the procedure properly. Being prepared for surgery will allow you to move easily through the procedure and the recovery and to be pleased with the results. Chin surgery can be one of the most simple methods available to achieve the proper facial proportions.

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