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Your house would not be a full house without even a single window. Windows are important parts of the house and not just plain holes. They can provide the opening to let in light and air but they also serve as additional decor to your home. They can undoubtedly help enhance the interiors of your house. You need to pay enough attention to them too. With proper window treatment, your house will look beautiful and stunning from the outside. The streaming of the light to the interiors of your house would also be controlled with the use of the window treatment.

There are different types of window for a house. However, if you have a small window in any of your rooms, you need to be extra picky with the window treatment. You need to make it look quite bigger than its real size. A room might look awkward with a small window. It might come in the form of a narrow window, a short window, or high basement window. There are different treatments for small windows from shutters, drapes, curtains, blinds, and more. You just have to choose treatments which will enhance the beauty of the rooms without emptying your pockets. You would no longer need to see your small window as an awkward hole on the wall. With the right window treatments, you can transform it into a captivating focal point. It would not be just any hole that can be dismissed of easily. Here are the different window treatments to choose from.


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These can give an illusion that the small window is bigger than it actually is. The ideal panels to use would be brightly coloured panels that should be installed from the top of the window to the floor. To seemingly extend the width of the window, a wider panel should also be used. The panel should be considerably wider than the window. Other accessories can be added such as visually appealing wood poles, ring tops, brackets, and finials.


These are also called Roman shades. You can have your pick among the different types of Roman shades but for a small window, an ideal choice would be hobbled or flat Roman shades. These shades can also deceive the eyes because a short or narrow window can look bigger when the shades are pulled. To add depth and more dimension to your window, you can use woven wooden shades or even bamboo shades. Fabric blinds might be too ordinary for your taste. To impose privacy, you can use blackout lining with your shades.

Stained Glass

The presence of the small window can be emphasised by using stained glass on it. Instead of paying attention to how small the window is, the attention of the people would be diverted to beauty of the stained glass. The room would also have the warm of the colourful light reflected by the stained glass from the outdoor light. However, stained glass is a bit expensive compared to the other window treatments.


They are classic options for window treatments. For a unique touch to your window, you can use cafe curtains with iron rods or decorative wood. To make a short window longer, the curtain can hang lower than the usual level and let it cover the entire length of the window. Curtains are ideal for rooms that are not too private.

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