The Process Of Getting Dental Implants In Long Island

byAlma Abell

Having healthy teeth assures you of complete ease and comfort when eating and gives you the confidence to smile at all times. However, there are certain things that can occur leading to tooth loss. One of the newest methods of dealing with tooth loss, and one that is gaining wild popularity is getting Dental implants in Long Island. Dental implants are basically titanium structures that are attached to the jawbone to function as a root to which a crown is attached. Here is what you need to know about getting dental implants.

Figuring out if you qualify for implants


This starts with a thorough dental examination. Note that implants are a permanent procedure. The dentist will assess the missing teeth and decide whether getting implants is the best solution for you. They may suggest that you go for alternatives such as dentures and bridges, but if you are comfortable with implants, they will move on to the next step in the process, which will be the procedure itself.

The implantation

The dentist will schedule a day when the operation can be carried out. The first step of the procedure is of course offering either local or general anesthesia depending on the dentist’s judgment. Next is the preparation of the implant area. This includes opening up the gum tissue to expose the area where the implant will be placed. The dentist examines the bone to ascertain that it can hold an implant. If not, grafting will be done. After the site has been prepared, the implant is placed.

The healing

The most sensitive part of the whole process happens to be the healing. This is because you will have to deal with irritated, even swollen gum and jawbone. The healing should take about three to six months. The time is to allow the implant to become part of the jaw, after which the special post that will hold the crown is attached.

That is the process that is normally followed when it comes to getting dental implants in Long Island. If you feel that you need implants to replace lost teeth, Jay B. Lubliner, DMD, PLLC is the place to go for advice and to book an appointment.