The Most Convenient Cabs In Minneapolis

by YuA7sh8g ~ March 18th, 2018

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byAlma Abell

A reliable cab service can be the difference between getting where you need to go and being late again. A cab can provide a safe ride home through an unfamiliar neighborhood, provide a safe passage home when the party has gotten a little wild or keep you sheltered from the winter weather when things get a little wild outside. It is also a wonderful way to provide an additional benefit to corporate clients.

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Cabs in Minneapolis provide all of these vital needs, but finding the one you need when you need can now be as easy as it sounds. To get the most reliable service from the closest cab available, you need to consider downloading the free app, iHail.

For a reliable, quick cab service 24-hours a day, you can always call iHail. They are a guaranteed method of locating a safe method of transportation with clean and secure vehicles, trained and background-checked drivers with affordable rates.

You can book a cab easier than ever with this convenient technology. They offer GPS services, which can read your location when contacting them from your smart phone. Their app also allows you to book a ride for the future, track your cab to know exactly when it will arrive and have plenty of information at your fingertips. This includes your recent locations, tracking confirmation numbers and using your location to hail the closest cab to you for service as quickly as possible.

In addition to their app, they can also be reached online, by text and by phone. All of these convenient methods mean that Cabs in Minneapolis are easier to reach than ever. Whether you are at a bar, hotel, restaurant or at home, their booking service will get a cab to you as fast as possible every single time.

CabCall and iHail offer services from all of the top cab companies in Minneapolis. You can get services from Airport Taxi, Yellow Cab and Town Taxi. You will only receive a licensed and safe taxi regardless of your location around the city. They also guarantee your ride will reach you in as little time as possible.

BDSM as business: An interview with the owners of a dungeon

BDSM as business: An interview with the owners of a dungeon
by YuA7sh8g ~ March 18th, 2018

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Torture proliferates American headlines today: whether its use is defensible in certain contexts and the morality of the practice. Wikinews reporter David Shankbone was curious about torture in American popular culture. This is the first of a two part series examining the BDSM business. This interview focuses on the owners of a dungeon, what they charge, what the clients are like and how they handle their needs.

When Shankbone rings the bell of “HC & Co.” he has no idea what to expect. A BDSM (Bondage Discipline Sadism Masochism) dungeon is a legal enterprise in New York City, and there are more than a few businesses that cater to a clientèle that wants an enema, a spanking, to be dressed like a baby or to wear women’s clothing. Shankbone went to find out what these businesses are like, who runs them, who works at them, and who frequents them. He spent three hours one night in what is considered one of the more upscale establishments in Manhattan, Rebecca’s Hidden Chamber, where according to The Village Voice, “you can take your girlfriend or wife, and have them treated with respect—unless they hope to be treated with something other than respect!”

When Shankbone arrived on the sixth floor of a midtown office building, the elevator opened up to a hallway where a smiling Rebecca greeted him. She is a beautiful forty-ish Long Island mother of three who is dressed in smart black pants and a black turtleneck that reaches up to her blond-streaked hair pulled back in a bushy ponytail. “Are you David Shankbone? We’re so excited to meet you!” she says, and leads him down the hall to a living room area with a sofa, a television playing an action-thriller, an open supply cabinet stocked with enema kits, and her husband Bill sitting at the computer trying to find where the re-release of Blade Runner is playing at the local theater. “I don’t like that movie,” says Rebecca.

Perhaps the most poignant moment came at the end of the night when Shankbone was waiting to be escorted out (to avoid running into a client). Rebecca came into the room and sat on the sofa. “You know, a lot of people out there would like to see me burn for what I do,” she says. Rebecca is a woman who has faced challenges in her life, and dealt with them the best she could given her circumstances. She sees herself as providing a service to people who have needs, no matter how debauched the outside world deems them. They sat talking mutual challenges they have faced and politics (she’s supporting Hillary); Rebecca reflected upon the irony that many of the people who supported the torture at Abu Ghraib would want her closed down. It was in this conversation that Shankbone saw that humanity can be found anywhere, including in places that appear on the surface to cater to the inhumanity some people in our society feel towards themselves, or others.

“The best way to describe it,” says Bill, “is if you had a kink, and you had a wife and you had two kids, and every time you had sex with your wife it just didn’t hit the nail on the head. What would you do about it? How would you handle it? You might go through life feeling unfulfilled. Or you might say, ‘No, my kink is I really need to dress in women’s clothing.’ We’re that outlet. We’re not the evil devil out here, plucking people off the street, keeping them chained up for days on end.”

Below is David Shankbone’s interview with Bill & Rebecca, owners of Rebecca’s Hidden Chamber, a BDSM dungeon.


  • 1 Meet Bill & Rebecca, owners of a BDSM dungeon
    • 1.1 Their home life
  • 2 Operating the business
    • 2.1 The costs
    • 2.2 Hiring employees
    • 2.3 The prices
  • 3 The clients
    • 3.1 What happens when a client walks through the door
    • 3.2 Motivations of the clients
    • 3.3 Typical requests
    • 3.4 What is not typical
  • 4 The environment
    • 4.1 Is an S&M dungeon dangerous?
    • 4.2 On S&M burnout
  • 5 Criticism of BDSM
  • 6 Related news
  • 7 External links
  • 8 Sources

Andrea Muizelaar on fashion, anorexia, and life after ‘Top Model’

Andrea Muizelaar on fashion, anorexia, and life after ‘Top Model’
by YuA7sh8g ~ March 18th, 2018

Monday, November 26, 2007

In the 18 months since Andrea Muizelaar was crowned winner of the reality TV series Canada’s Next Top Model, her life has been a complete whirlwind. From working in a dollar store in her hometown of Whitby, Ontario, to modeling haute couture in Toronto, she had reached her dream of becoming a true Top Model.

But at what cost? Unknown to casual television viewers, Muizelaar had been enveloped in the eating disorder anorexia nervosa, which inevitably became too much for her to bear. She gave up modeling and moved back to Whitby, where she sought treatment for her disorder, re-entered college, and now works at a bank. Where is she now? Happy and healthy, she says.

Recently Andrea Muizelaar sat down with Wikinews reporter Mike Halterman in a candid interview that stretched to nearly two hours, as she told all about her hopes and aspirations, her battle with anorexia, and just what really happened on Canada’s Next Top Model.


  • 1 Andrea’s beginnings
  • 2 Andrea on her road to modeling, and America’s Next Top Model
  • 3 Experience on Canada’s Next Top Model
  • 4 The message she wrote to her fans on her facebook group
  • 5 Her brief modeling career
  • 6 “Happy and healthy”
  • 7 Source

Herbal Supplements Discover Why You Should Consider Taking These Natural Supplements}

by YuA7sh8g ~ March 17th, 2018

Herbal Supplements – Discover Why You Should Consider Taking These Natural Supplements


Jitender ZamanNutrition is a very important aspect in maintaining a healthy body. However sometimes it can be very difficult if not impossible to get the right amounts of nutrients into our bodies simply due to the busy nature of our lives. This is where using some sort of nutritional supplement can come in very handy to help your body get the nutrients it needs to function at its peak level of health.Unfortunately many nutritional supplements contain much more than just the healthy vitamins and minerals our bodies need. Many contain artificial ingredients and chemicals that act as preservatives and colorants. The problem with this is that our bodies and our digestive system in particular has a hard time dealing with these synthetic ingredients which is why using some sort of natural or herbal supplement can be a better choice.Of course, always talk to a doctor or a qualified medical professional before you start any new health program especially if you taking medications also. Also be sure to check for any allergies you may have to any products in the supplements.There are many types of herbal supplements that can assist in many different aspects of your health. Here are a few of the more popular ones that many are using and benefiting from right now:- GinsengThis is a very popular product used by many around the world and it has many great health benefits. Ginseng helps to elevate mood and thus helps to combat depression. It also boosts energy levels so if you tend to suffer from low energy then this supplement may be useful to you.- St John’s WortThis supplement is believed to help with relieving depression and anxiety. Also if you have trouble sleeping then it can help you to get back into a proper sleep pattern as it is good at fighting sleeping disorders.- GingkoGingko is great for those that tend to forget things very easily or have a hard time maintaining concentration levels. It is also beneficial in improving your level of mental alertness as well as your ability to remember things or your memory.- Aloe Vera JuiceAloe Vera has been used for thousands of years for its many healing properties. It has great skin healing properties that help to relieve many skin conditions. It is great at treating wounds and burns and helps to reduce inflammation and swelling of the skin.It also acts as an immune enhancer helping to increase the strength of your immune system so you are less susceptible to getting sick. Make sure that the Aloe Vera supplement you select comes with standardized extracts of Aloe Vera otherwise it will not be as beneficial. It may cost a bit more but it will be worth it as far as the health benefits are concerned.- Bee PollenThis supplement has been shown to have numerous health benefits. The primary benefit of this product is that it can help to boost your energy levels so it is great if you find yourself suffering from fatigue during the day. It contains high level of vitamin B which help the body to break down nutrients and thus produce more energy for the cells.Bee pollen is often called a super food because it contains all the nutrients necessary to maintain good health. It contains a large number of vitamins and minerals including amino acids, fatty acids and proteins. Since it helps to increase metabolism it also acts as useful weight control product since you are burning more calories.- Green TeaGreen tea has many benefits and is definitely one of the best natural products to help improve many aspect of your health. It helps in reducing bad cholesterol levels which contribute to blocking the arteries and causing heart attacks.It has also been shown to be useful in losing weight since it increases your metabolism so you burn more calories throughout the day. It also helps in the fight against cancer to neutralize free radicals which can damage our cells. Herbal supplements taken daily can make a difference to help you become healthier.

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Wikinews Shorts: February 3, 2010

Wikinews Shorts: February 3, 2010
by YuA7sh8g ~ March 17th, 2018

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A compilation of brief news reports for Wednesday, February 3, 2010.


  • 1 Christmas day bomber cooperating
  • 2 Fire in Hyderabad hospital; 1 dead
  • 3 China begins urgent sweep for tainted milk
  • 4 Karachi violence escalates, section 144 imposed

The Nigerian man accused of trying to blow up a Detroit-bound jetliner on Christmas day with hidden explosives is cooperating with investigators and providing fresh intelligence after the U.S. enlisted the help of his family, an administration official said. His family persuaded him to cooperate.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab has been providing information to Federal Bureau of Investigation agents questioning him, the official told reporters on the condition of anonymity.

The official declined to provide details on what kind of information Abdulmutallab was providing.

Related news

  • “Failed bomb aboard Delta flight” — Wikinews, December 26, 2009


Somajiguda on the map of India

One person died and 41 were injured, including three nurses who are critically injured, in a major fire at Park Healthcare Hospital in Somajiguda, a suburb of the Indian city Hyderabad, on Tuesday morning.

The fire engulfed a major portion of the five-storey hospital’s first floor, along with some medical equipment and furniture on the other floors.

City police commissioner A K Khan said that a criminal case had been registered against the hospital management. “It is also being determined whether safety standards were followed by the hospital,” he said.


Chinese authorities say they are preparing to launch a crackdown on melamine-laced milk after the scandal over tainted products, which made hundreds of thousands of children ill two years ago and damaged China’s brand reputation overseas, resurfaced.

China has dispatched inspectors to sixteen provinces to urge local governments to thoroughly investigate cases concerning food safety.

The decision comes after milk products tainted with the industrial chemical melamine were removed from sale in Shanghai and the provinces of Shaanxi, Shandong, Liaoning and Hebei, the state-run Xinhua News Agency said.

Related news

  • “Contaminated baby’s milk induces wave of child illness in China” — Wikinews, September 22, 2008


At least twenty-six people have been killed in Karachi, Pakistan after four days of ethnic killings, according to police officials. The officials said that nine people were killed on Monday in the city’s Orangi western neighbourhood, which has a majority ethnic Pashtun community.

The Sindh government has awarded special powers to the Pakistan Rangers under Section 5 of the Anti-Terrorism Act 1997 and imposed Section 144 in the limits of 26 police stations for a month.

At least forty people were killed as ethnic clashes erupted across the city in early January.Home minister of Sindh province, Dr Zulfiqar Mirza has called upon the Army to restore peace and order.


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Stem cells used to cure paralysis in rats

Stem cells used to cure paralysis in rats
by YuA7sh8g ~ March 17th, 2018

Monday, June 26, 2006

Dr. Douglas Kerr, a neurologist at Johns Hopkins University, has recently led a research team to identify enough of the chemicals necessary to regrow motor neurons. They have succeeded in partially restoring paralyzed rats‘ ability to walk.

These results represent major progress towards curing many nerve-related problems in humans, such as Lou Gehrig’s disease and spinal cord injuries. However, Dr. Karr emphasized that it will be many years before any possible treatments for humans become available.

Dr. Naomi Keitman of the National Institutes of Health‘s neurology division said “They did something that people have been trying to do for at least 30 years and literally hit a brick wall until now.”

The research will be published in the Annals of Neurology.

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EU, US declare intent to cooperate on climate change at summit

EU, US declare intent to cooperate on climate change at summit
by YuA7sh8g ~ March 17th, 2018

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A European Union-United States summit held in Slovenia produced a draft declaration outlining the groups’ future cooperation on climate change, energy security and financial stability. Yesterday was the final day of the summit, the last EU-US summit that US President George W. Bush will attend in his current role.

Hopes of a major breakthrough on the topic of climate change were low going into the summit. The foreign minister of Slovenia, Dimitrij Rupel, commented last week that, “on climate change, the positions are split.” Members of the 27-nation EU have regularly expressed their dissatisfaction with the US for not having ratified the Kyoto Protocol, an agreement with binding greenhouse gas emissions targets. Doubts about the summit’s efficacy were not misplaced, as no firm targets were set for actions on climate change.

The EU and US agreed to cooperate increasingly in science and technology research for energy and climate change purposes, including carbon capture and storage, and hydrogen fuel cells. The EU reaffirmed its commitments as per the Kyoto Protocol, but the US restated that developing countries such as China and India must be made to sign up to such global agreements before it will sign on.

Steps to secure energy sources for the future were also discussed. Promoting the creation of multiple pipelines to supply more natural gas to Europe was determined a priority, despite the fact that this would encourage an increase in emissions from gas use.

Bush commented in a follow-up news conference: “I think we can get a global agreement on climate change during my presidency – just so you know.”

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How To Choose The Right Service For Airport Car Rentals In Naples, Fl

by YuA7sh8g ~ March 17th, 2018

byAlma Abell

When you need to get to the airport, things can quickly get stressful. Getting to the airport on time is one of the many individuals’ biggest concerns, so you’ll always want to make sure that you have the right transportation in such situations. While you may have considered driving yourself or having a friend drop you off, this may not be the best or only option you have. Taxi and driving services are available too, to help you relax and get to your flight on time.

If you’re looking for a driving service to get you to or from the airport, you need to know what to look for. Choosing the right service can make all the difference, since you’ll have a driving service and vehicle you can rely on. To learn more, here are a few tips to help you choose the right service for airport car rentals in Naples, FL.

Do Your Research

Start by doing your research. When you’re looking for reliable transportation, taking the time to do your homework is always a great idea. You should use all of the resources at your disposal to help with your research, including online searches for contact info, service info, reviews, and more. From there, you can begin to narrow down your list of airport car rentals.

Set a Budget

Next, set a budget. Affordability matters, so you’ll want to keep cost in mind when it comes to airport car rentals. However, never sacrifice quality for cost. The best way to find the right service for your needs is to weigh both cost and quality equally.

Background Checks Matter

Always be sure to run a background check as well. You want to choose a reputable service, so you should make sure that the transportation service you hire has good client history along with the right credentials. Never forget to perform a background check to ensure that you’re choosing the right service for your needs, such as Taxi Pam.

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Former Formula 1 designer unveils new electric car

Former Formula 1 designer unveils new electric car
by YuA7sh8g ~ March 16th, 2018

Monday, November 9, 2009

Former Formula One McLaren designer Gordon Murray has unveiled a new all-electric car.

The car model, which is known as the T.27, is due to be developed over the course of the next 16 months with four prototypes. The process that will be used during the course of the manufacturing of the vehicle is called iStream. The technology iStream had been invented by Gordon Murray in 1999 and means that all the parts are designed using a computer.

The project has approximately received £9,000,000 (US$14,919,000) in investment. The electric car is designed for urban purposes, such as in cities or towns. The weight of the vehicle is just 600 kilograms. It has the ability to travel at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour and can go for a maximum of 100 miles between recharges.

The designer thinks that motorists will some day be travelling in vehicles like this. Murray believes that the new car will be ‘the most efficient electric vehicle on earth’.

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SEPTA buys rail cars from NJ Transit to deal with crowding

SEPTA buys rail cars from NJ Transit to deal with crowding
by YuA7sh8g ~ March 16th, 2018

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

As gas prices have risen in the United States, the regional transport authority for southeastern Pennsylvania, SEPTA, has seen a sharp increase in ridership, which has caused overcrowding on the trains.

“As fuel prices have continued to rise, SEPTA ridership has steadily increased and is the highest in 18 years,” said SEPTA General Manager Joseph Casey. Monthly ridership was 22 percent higher last month than a year ago.

“They have crushed loads on their rail lines, already where people are standing, and there’s not enough seats,” said Rich Bickel, the director of the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission.

“At peak times some railcars are standing room only and commuter parking lots are nearly full. All Regional Rail lines are running near full capacity and the train station parking lots are at about 90 percent capacity or more,” SEPTA spokesperson Felipe Suarez said.

While SEPTA awaits new Silverliner V trains from Hyundai Rotem, which begin arriving in 2009, it had hoped to lease eight rail cars from New Jersey Transit, at an agreed-upon rate of US$10,000 per month. However, due to problems with insurance and liability indemnification, the deal fell through, according to Casey.

SEPTA has entered a new agreement to purchase the eight rail cars from NJ Transit. The transit authority will pay US$670,000 for the cars and assorted supplies plus one additional inoperative car which will be used for spare parts. The rail cars will be operated using a SEPTA provided locomotive as they are not self-propelled.

The cars are being disposed of by NJ Transit because it has switched from single-floor cars to double-decker cars.

SEPTA is expecting to raise US$3.1 million by selling rail that has been out of service since 1981 at auction.

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