3 Ways To Tell If Your Car Has Bad Brakes

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Bad brakes can put your safety at risk when you’re behind the wheel and cruising down the main avenue. Here’s how you can tell if your car has faulty brakes and if it’s time to drive to the Centerville Service Center for the Vehicle’s Brake Repairs in Centerville, OH that your ride needs.

Strange noises

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Ear-busting rock may be your choice of music when you’re gunning down the highway but it can make it difficult for you to notice signs that your brakes are failing, How Stuff Works says. That’s because strange noises issuing from your engine is a common indication that your brakes need to be checked, serviced, and repaired. Try it out sometime. Take a break from playing loud music in your stereo, roll down your windows and listen. If you hear any squealing or grinding noises, your brake pads may be worn down. A simple replacement, though, can fix that problem so get that done as soon as possible.

Pulls to the side

If you have a hard time making left or right turns when you drive or step on the brakes, then you may have a stuck caliper in your brake system. The issue may also be caused by a collapsed brake hose, worn tires or poor alignment, too. If your wheel pulls to one side, the best way to know if you’ve got bad brakes is to drive your car over to the Centerville Service Center for Vehicle’s Brake Repairs in Centerville, OH.

Spongy pedal

If you’ve got a spongy brake pedal, that could be caused by worn pads or a hydraulic system malfunction. Have your car looked over by experts so you know exactly what you’re dealing with. The sooner you get to the service center, the sooner the proper repairs can be done.

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