Basic Email Marketing Strategies

By Trevor Richards

With the ubiquity of social media platforms at the moment, you would think that email marketing is the last medium through which your business should promote itself. You couldn’t be any further from the trust as email is one of the most effect if means of marketing your company online.

When you compare email marketing to alternative strategies such as banner advertising you will find that you are able to generate far better results at a cost which is much lower. There are no guarantees as if implemented poorly; an email campaign could end up losing you money. If you are more of a novice when it comes to this form of marketing then here are a few tips and strategies which should help to ensure that you get it right.

The hardest part of embarking on an email campaign is building up your mailing list. This will be especially true if you are starting from scratch and need to find a way of collecting email addresses. An opt-in form whereby visitors to your website can sign up to regular newsletters can be an effective way of doing this. Failing that, there are a number of mailing list brokers who will be able to provide you with a list of contacts from a particular demographic.


Once you have established a suitably substantial mailing list, you will want to ensure that your emails contain persuasive and effective content. If you want to test out your marketing copy then you can try pasting it into low cost or free classified adverts. If you get a reasonable response to these adverts then the chances are they will also work well as effective emails. Make sure that you test out different headlines until you find one which seems to grab the readers attention. It could also be worth experimenting with different variations of your offers in order to find the one which is the most enticing.

It should go without saying that your emails should all be well laid out and well designed. If your content features product imagery then make sure you use photographs of a suitably clear resolution. If you are including graphics which link through to particular deals on your site then make sure they have been designed with a clear call to action in order to entice the user to click through.

The chances are that you will be running your email marketing campaigns using specialist software. Some of the more sophisticated software options will give you the option to track how many of your recipients are opening and reading your emails. Using this information you will be able to further divide your mailing list into separate demographics, enabling you to target your customers more effectively.

If you aren’t too confident about running any aspect of your email campaign then there is no need to worry as there are a number of specialist email marketing agencies who will be able to take over the management of your entire campaign, giving you the best possible chance of achieving a return on your marketing efforts.

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