Best 10 Comedy Movies Of 2010}

Best 10 Comedy Movies of 2010



Comedy movies can really make us relaxing. The theme, the actors, and direction all together to give use good recipe. You can go through this compiled list of top comedy movies of 2010.

The Other Guys: This movie is worth watching. The stars are Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne, ‘The Rock’ Johnson. They are unacknowledged cops for doing all the ‘dirty’ works. The design of the movie is elegant and hilarious, and satire. Knight and Day: Tom Cruise and Cameron Duaz work together in this movie and it is an action comedy of 2010. The film was directed by James Mangold. This is Cruise and Diaz’s second on-screen teamwork after 2001Shrek 4: Forever After: This is a popular animated movie and 4th in the outcome of the complete series. A number of people disagrees Shrek being the best in the comedy movies countdown. But this movie certainly makes a heck of a watch.Despicable Me: This movie is an American animated 3D comedy film from Illumination Entertainment. It was first released in the United States. This is the first computer generated imaginary application shaped by Universal. It was completely animated in the French Studio in Paris.Date Night: Date Night stars Steve Carell as a genius comedian and he is quite excellent to watch. Tina Fey who costars with Steve Crell makes the movie interesting. Their hilarious and awesome performance makes Date Night the best movie.Toy Story 3: It is a story about Andy, who is 17 and now going to college. He is not playing with his old toys now and they are getting decayed in his toy trunk. This is an American animated movie released by Walt Disney pictures.Dinner for Schmucks: Steve Carell and Paul Rudd bring good laughs with their remarkable acting in this movie. All the actors in Dinner for Schmucks gives a good comedy feast.Valentine’s Day: This is a passionate comedy movie with a huge star casts, but remarkable as well. The stars are Kathy Bates, Jamie Foxx, Bradley Cooper, Patrick Dempsey, and many more. The cast has many detail work which takes the audience on the rim of their seating.Going the Distance: Drew Barrymore and elegant, deep-voiced Justin Long act together like a real couple in the movie. Leap Year: The main characters are Amy Adams and Adam Scott. The story is about true love with someone whom you knew. It’s all about a mixture of romance and comedy.

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Best 10 Comedy Movies of 2010}