Cheap Meal Ideas 3 Alternatives To Fast Food

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Society today is very tired and overworked. Everyone is busy and running at a fast pace each day. It does not matter what the reason is for the hectic pace of your lifestyle, your time is precious and needs to be managed effectively. You need cheap meal ideas to help you stretch your time and money while still providing a wholesome and nutritious dinner for you and your family.

The fast food makers know how little time we have and use this very thing to make themselves successful. The idea of coming home after a long day at work and cooking for four or five people is not something we tend to look forward to on top of preparing for the next day and trying to get the homework done. This is why they offer you cheap meal ideas that require no cleaning, no cooking, and only 25 minutes to pick up.


Mothers and fathers are the first to take a run to the drive through to avoid the hassles of grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning up after dinner so they can go home and relax a bit before they need to wake up and do it all over again. The problem with this is that eating so much fast food will inevitably cause obesity and is not the healthiest choice to consider. There are some very cheap meal ideas that take almost no time to prepare and will make coming home to a good meal more bearable.

The first cheap meal idea includes meat, vegetables, and pasta or rice all in one dish. To make a quick stir fry, begin with some thin slices of meat. Beef is good and chicken will also work. Add a modest amount of soy sauce to the meat. Cook until done completely. In the same pan, add a bag of stir fry vegetables to the mix. Add a cup of water to the mix as the vegetables are heating to make a sauce of sorts. While the meat and vegetables are cooking, get out a bag or two of the boil in bag rice. Let this cook as the rest is heating. When the rice is complete, put a helping on each plate and cover with the stir fry vegetables and meat. Not only is this a cheap meal idea, it is also fast; it can be made in only 20 minutes.

You can whip up a hearty batch of pancakes and scrambled eggs for the family in about 30 minutes or less. If you think it is strange to eat breakfast food for dinner, consider how these same foods give you what you need to go through an entire day. Another one of the cheap meal ideas to try is a simple macaroni and cheese with meat dish. The ground beef or turkey only takes 20 minutes to cook through and the macaroni and cheese can be finished before the meat is. For an added flavor, add one small can of tomato sauce for a tomato macaroni dish.

When you fix one of these or other cheap meal ideas at home, you are taking time out of your busy day to treat yourself and your family special.

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