Frequently Asked Questions About Replacing Your Chimney Liner In Chicago

byAlma Abell

To keep your chimney from becoming a fire hazard, you should have an annual chimney inspection completed by a certified chimney inspector. During the inspection of your chimney, the inspector will examine your chimney liner for signs of damage. If your liner is faulty and it needs to be replaced, contact a professional who works for a Chimney Liner Chicago company to install a new one for you. Below you’ll find frequently asked questions about the importance of a chimney liner.

What exactly is a chimney liner and what is its purpose?

If you have a brick or cement block chimney, you’ll also need a liner to fit inside of the masonry. A chimney liner has two major functions. First, it keeps the heat from your fire trapped inside of the chimney. If the liner is faulty, the heat could cause the walls in your home around the chimney to get too hot and cause a fire. The second function of a liner is to keep the smoke, soot and flue gases from leaking out between the masonry blocks and entering your house. Visit website for complete details.

Does anything have to be done to my chimney before a professional replaces the liner?

Before the liner is replaced by a professional who works for a Chimney Liner Chicago company, any repairs to your chimney will have to be done first. Depending on the condition of your chimney, this may include adding new mortar between the bricks if any mortar is missing and replacing cracked, broken or missing bricks. After the repairs are done on your chimney, the professional installer will clean out the ashes and creosote from your chimney before replacing the liner.

I don’t have a liner in my chimney right now, so do I really need one?

If you live in an older home your chimney may not be lined, because many years ago this wasn’t a requirement. There are many safety risks if your chimney is unlined. Not only are you risking the chance of a house fire, but the hazardous gases from your chimney can leak into your house and cause you to have health problems from breathing in these noxious fumes.

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