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There are many issues that a new parent will have to deal with during the first few years, and most parents and caregivers are focused on the obvious issues and signs of problems such as colds, boo-boos, and the dreaded immunizations. Many do not stop and take the time to even think about chiropractics when it comes to the care of infants and newborns. However, many infants and toddlers can benefit from spinal care even early on in their lives. When you stop to think about it, the birth process can be very traumatic on a small newborn as the process often twists, moves, and compresses or stretches an infant’s spine. Add to that what can go wrong during delivery and what steps have to be taken during emergency deliveries it is easy to see why chiropractic care may be needed even within the first few weeks of life. These slight adjustments and misalignment can cause problems including colic, poor eating, irritability, unusual crying, and poor sleeping habits. Making an appointment with Geneva Pediatric Chiropractor for your infant can be a great way to get started off on the right foot.

Newborn Spinal Care

Spinal issues among newborns is more common than people realize; thankfully with improved education and medical advancements it is easier to identify, diagnose and treat a range of spinal issues that newborns many be facing. For far too long infants and young children have gone without the special pediatric chiropractor care that they need. The good news is that Geneva Pediatric Chiropractor treatments for newborns are super simple, easy, and gentle. The pressure used in spinal alignments in babies is not even enough to bruise a ripe tomato. Getting these simple adjustments done sooner rather than later helps relieve pressure and allows your baby to develop as they should and avoid some of the pain and discomfort of common issues such as colic, mobility issues, and general irritability.


Colic and Chiropractors

Despite all of the medical advances that have been made and the countless years of research pout into studying this common infant condition, there is still no known cause or sure-fire treatment for colic. What many people fail to realize is that issues with the spine can cause problems elsewhere in the body, including the digestive tract. Though there is no known cure for colic and other common digestive issues infants deal with, chiropractic care seems to be the best treatment option as over 90% of colicky babies who got chiropractic adjustments and massages ended up showing at least some improvement in the severity and frequency of their colic episodes.

Mobility and the Spine

Another major area of infant development that can be impacted by spinal problems is mobility. As infants grow they move more and more, learning to crawl and then to walk. When there are underlying spinal issues at the start, it can make it harder for them to make these milestone achievements in their development. Rolling over, crawling, and walking can hurt and be uncomfortable so a Geneva Pediatric Chiropractor may be able to help make things right.

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