How Do I Become An Affiliate 5 Ways To Succeed

By Mark Persaud

How Do I Become an Affiliate Using Research?

The first step in answering the question how do I become an affiliate is to do research on the audience you would like to sell a product to. Some folks claim that we should find the product first. However, there are thousands of products available for many of the niches so finding a profitable niche is more important.

Start broad and dig deep when doing keyword research. Thinking too wide will limit your research capabilities. By digging down and finding long-tail keywords you will be able to discover a variety of niche industries. Note this method being described is used for article marketing–a free method of getting organic (search engine) traffic to your site.

How Do I Become an Affiliate with a Profitable Niche?

In order to gauge the profitability of a niche we need to find out what the consumer demand is. We want to make sure the niche isn’t too competitive but at the same time that it is capable of generating revenue. To do this we can use a keyword research tool to expand on higher level markets and also research problem statements using words such as ‘repair’, ‘fix’, ‘cure’, ‘get rid of” and so on. Forums and online groups also provide indicators of niche profitability.

How Do I Become an Affiliate Using Supply and Demand?

Supply and demand is also significant when mastering this kind of work. It is best to use keyword tools to determine how much traffic the keywords are receiving. Remember the niche we are choosing has low to average competition but we want it to have as much traffic as possible. Next there needs to be a supply of products to sell to the customers; without that the market is no good to us. In order to check the supply available you can do a search on Google. Alternatively, you could check out some of the networks such as Click-bank.


How Do I Become an Affiliate – Registering

Once you have chosen a product the next step is to register. The company will supply you with a landing (sales) page address to direct customers to. You will be given your own unique identification so that they will know who to pay for the sale. This link will be added to your articles, website or advertisements during your campaign.

Now you are ready to attract customers to the landing page. Chose the method you enjoy most. Usually new marketers will use article marketing because it is a low cost method of attracting potential customers to their sites. The process, itself is not rocket science but there is a lot to learn and it is important that each step of the process is done properly.

Learning the tricks of the trade (ethical tricks) and researching is very important in becoming good at selling on the web. Lots of information can be found online. All that you need to do is invest some time. Alternatively, you could find a reputable online training facility that will provide you with the education, tools and support all in one place.

Below is a list of free resources to help you with your research:

Search Engines



Google Trends

Keyword Tools

Google Keyword Tool

Word Tracker


Google Groups

Yahoo Groups

MSN Groups

All The Best in Learning How Do I Become an Affiliate!

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