How To Determine The Best Paper For Commercial Printing

Submitted by: Irene Thompson

Even with the popularity of digital and online marketing techniques these days, printed marketing materials are still used by many businesses to promote their brands, products or services. Brochures, flyers, posters, business cards, catalogs and the like can you re your company gain leads, promote brand awareness, and eventually, generate profits. Because of this, commercial printing is very important especially to start up and small business ventures.

In planning your printing project, it is important that you consult with a local commercial printing shop about the right type of paper to use. The printer knows just the right brightness, weight, and coating that the paper should possess to suit your printing requirements. Getting yourself familiar with these three aspects can help you understand the printer s recommendation.



The weight of paper determines the thickness or firmness of the material. Generally, local commercial printing shops weigh paper in pounds per 500 sheets and using the “#” symbol. For instance, a paper that is “20#” means it weighs “20 pounds per 500 sheets.” So what does the weight has to do with your project? In printing any types of printed material, it is important that you determine the paper stock that is firm or thick enough to maintain its quality. Like if you are printing business cards, the paper stock should have the right thickness to withstand wear and tear especially since business cards are meant to be kept by a contact for a long period of time.


Brightness is generally measured in a range from 0-100 (100 is the brightest). In terms of commercial printing, brightness refers to the extent of light that the paper reflects off. It affects the vibrancy of the colors printed on the paper. To make the colors look more dynamic and attractive, choosing the appropriate brightness would be a good idea. Keep in mind that the right amount of brightness enhances the appeal of the print.


Coating plays an important role in the paper s appearance. It refers to the film applied on the paper stock to either boost or reduce the light s reflection. This is usually applied on just one side of the sheet or on both sides. One type of coated paper that creates a vibrant effect is the glossy paper, which is perfect for photos or printed marketing tools with graphics that should grab the attention of the readers. Matte coating does the opposite of what glossy paper tries to achieve it makes the graphics less dazzling. Without the sheen of a glossy finish, matte is ideal for business cards or greeting cards.

Paper cost takes up a large portion of your printing budget so you need to be careful with your choice. If you are in Dallas and planning to print your company s marketing materials, you can always find a good printer that can help you with your paper options. A good Dallas local commercial printing service provider can help you identify the right paper that you can use for your printing projects.

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