Keeping It Simple With Excel Flame Resistant Fr Nomex Iiia Shirts}

Keeping It Simple With Excel Flame Resistant FR Nomex IIIA Shirts


When it comes to purchasing fire resistant or flame resistant work wear, you often choose style and class to go along with that protective work wear. When you purchase Excel FR Nomex IIIA shirts, you will discover you can have your cake and eat it to.There are numerous styles and designs when it comes to getting the best work wear tops in the industry. Those Excel FR Nomex IIIA shirts and tops offer you solutions that only start and end with flame protection. Everything in between is pure design and style. Because when you discover you need flame resistant apparel, you do not have to loathe the idea because of overly bulky and rough work wear.What can you expect when you purchase Excel FR Nomex IIIA shirts or tops?Snap Front Deluxe Long Sleeve TopThis is simply amazing. If you want a top that looks good enough to wear out on the town to go along with your flame resistance, this definitely deserves a better look. This has the full button front, but there is more. Those buttons up the front and the two buttons at the neck are pearl topped for a classy, sophisticated look. The collar is two pieces, banded together, and lined with double stitches. The cuffs are just as sturdy and allow you to adjustment those pearl covered snap buttons.You will also find that this superb Excel FR Nomex IIIA shirt has two pearl covered, snap breast pockets. This is super rugged constructed with a two-needle style and stitch. This is easy to wash in any washing machine, and comes in sizes regular or long as well as ranging from S to 3XL!Short Sleeved Striped Knit ShirtWhen you need something a little less formal but no less professional, you will find this simple knit shirt is anything but simple. This has a 3-button closure along the neck with a color that is the traditional polo style. The cuff and the collar are a double contrasting color with a solid or khaki striped body choice. There is one breast pocket, and you will fall in love with how super these look. In addition, you will find these bad boys from sizes M to 3XL. A size to fit any sized physique.Hard to believe that you flame resistant apparel can look so nice!Zipper Front Hooded SweatshirtIf you like sweatshirts, you will just adore this sweatshirt by Excel FR Nomex IIIA. There is the traditional zipper front, and the cuffed sleeves are elastic to allow for maximum fitability. The hood is closed over the head with a single drawstring, or can choose to wear this without the benefit of a hood. Get your choice of colors, and you will find sizes regular to long as well as S to 3XL. This means anyone can wear these functional and protective pieces of work wear.No matter what you need when it comes to your tops, you will find more when you trust Excel FR Nomex IIIA shirts. These tops are the best in the industry, and you are guaranteed to be kept safe and secure while you work hard.

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