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An essential beauty destination to add to your travel tool kit, luxury holidays in Mauritius are a real must. A trip to Mauritius will inspire, enchant and uplift your soul. If it is your first time visiting Mauritius therein lies the promise of a unique holiday and for those that are seasoned travelers the beauty of the island will compel you to return to Mauritius shores time and time again.

Situated 2400 kilometers off the South East coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, the island covers an area of 720 square miles. Coral reefs surround the majority of the island except for the South. The temperature varies between 22?C and 34?C typically enjoying a tropical climate all year round. Mauritius has a blend of diverse cultures and religions consisting of Hindus, Chinese, Muslims, Creole and Europeans. Though close to Africa, the island retains a strong British and French influence.

Mauritius is the most accessible island in the Indian Ocean and more traveler friendly than other tropical paradises such as Maui or Martinique. With top class spas, acclaimed championship golf courses and a plenitude of activities available coupled with luxury world class hotels, renowned gastronomy and sandy beaches, Mauritius offers much more than the average tropical island holiday.


Every visitor can enjoy personal attention and experience the best service in the Indian Ocean. When you are not lapping up the luxury indoors you will be appreciating the beauty of the island. Set amongst turquoise waters, the island is a haven of peace and tranquility. With the worlds third largest coral reef, stretches of sandy beaches and exotic flowers and foliage you will want to go on walks, trips and expeditions to really explore the island.

If a slow paced relaxing holiday is not your style Mauritius still manages to come up trumps. There are masses of activities to keep you and the family busy from water sports, shopping, fishing, golf, diving and mountain biking. Covering 3.5% of the islands surface Mauritius national park (Black River Gorges) is a particularly spectacular place to visit. A wild expanse of thick forest the park homes over 300 species of flowering plants and 9 species of bird unique to the island. Keep an eye out for the famous pink pigeon!

For culture and history take a trip to LAventure du Sucre museum. Set in the former Beau Plan sugar factory most of the machinery is still in place and there is an opportunity to pose any questions you have to the former workers. The museum tells the story of Mauritius, slavery, the rum trade and much more. Great for those with a sweet tooth at the end of the visit you can taste 4 of the 15 varieties of unrefined sugar. Finally if you are willing to venture further afield, Tamarin falls is well worth the effort. It is best to enlist the help of a local guide to access the falls via a challenging trail to reach the series of seven magnificent waterfalls.

However you choose to spend your luxury holidays in Mauritius, the experience will remain engraved in your memory for all time.

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