Personalized Cake Toppers: Want One For Your Birthday?

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By David H. Urmann

A feature on cakes and cake designs including the newest craze in town: cake toppers.

This piece of writing reveals to you a unique yet inexpensive way to jazz up your party cakes. It also tackles business opportunities, which come with the product. Explore endless possibilities in design making and have fun doing it with family and friends.

Everyday there is reason to celebrate – birthdays, weddings, baptismal, anniversaries – the list goes on and on. Such occasions call for not only good food, a magnificent setting, and terrific guests. Celebratory cakes have become a fundamental element of any festivity and these should be given as much attention as the menu. Before, simple writings were enough to decorate cakes however, with the advancement in technology, a wider range of embellishments are now available for all of us to choose from.

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From simple figurines to your photos, all of these can now be a choice. Whether you like it to be sophisticated or downright comical, cake toppers may be personalized to cater to your preferences. Kids will definitely enjoy having thematic birthday parties while couples surely would remember their weddings because of their one-of-a-kind cake. Cake toppers are an essential part of every occasion as it, more or less, defines the theme of the party or describes the celebrator himself. Surprise a friend or family member with his or her favorite flavored cake but make sure to turn it up a notch by finding the perfect cake topper for them.

You may also want to consider adding special mementos, as your topper for this will definitely give your cake an edge. If you have the knack for crafts and decorating is a hobby, creating your own set of cake toppers should be a breeze. In turn, this may also be a wonderful idea in terms of business opportunities. Checking what’s available in the market will give you a picture of how it’s done. Simply pick up the phone, place an order or surf the net for helpful tips and guide. There are some cake topper makers that have catalogs from which you can choose your design. But just incase you cannot find precisely what you want, custom-made motifs are welcome. Use old photos, sketches and drawings tucked away in your cabinets or invent a unique design, which you can truly call your own.

It is important to note that the bottom line in incorporating toppers for your cakes is to bring about satisfaction from the celebrator, or if you make one, the client. Discussing in detail the preferences will, if not, deliver a cake topper like no other. Be ready to offer suggestions and share insights on selected designs. Consider relevance of the design to the celebrator, occasion and theme. Minimalism is also a key in producing sophisticated and classic cake toppers; however, bold and eccentric patterns or motifs are always an eye-catching sight.

Cakes will continuously be an integral part of any occasion, now and for times to come. Be sure to knock together the best cake toppers and be entertained with your guest’s reactions, comments and opinions. It is rather delightful to ponder on memories brought about by the small things that we sometimes take for granted, in this case, your all time favorite cake.

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