There Are Many Ways To Get A Bright Smile

byAlma Abell

No matter how well you care for your teeth, as the years go by they can take on a stain, show small hairline cracks on the surface and even get chipped. Prior to the advent of cosmetic dentistry in Lemont there was very little that could be done, this is no longer the case. Today, a dentist can transform a patient’s appearance, giving back the smile that most people dream of having.


There are a number of cosmetic procedures that are available, the dentist is well versed in every one of the procedures and can make suggestions and recommendations that will transform your smile.

A very common procedure is teeth whitening; this is also called teeth bleaching. Many people are of the opinion that their teeth are stained on the surface, this is not so, the top surface of the teeth is actually transparent or very translucent, the staining takes place in the dentin which is the next layer. Your dentist will look at your teeth and determine if you are a good candidate for this simple procedure or not. Those who have crowns or white fillings will get no benefit from tooth whitening, but those who have not had these procedures in the past are great candidates.

If tooth whitening is not recommended then perhaps the cosmetic dentist will suggest veneers. A veneer is a very thing shell which is produced in a dental lab; the material is either porcelain or a composite material. The dentist will prepare the teeth by grinding them down so that they will return to their original thickness once the veneers have been attached to the front of the tooth. Veneers are not only used to whiten the teeth, they can also be used to cover spaces between the teeth, cover cracks and chips and even straighten a slightly crooked tooth.

Implants are used to replace teeth which are missing. This is a rather lengthy procedure, often taking six months from start to finish. This type of cosmetic dentistry in Lemont starts with the dentist putting a titanium peg into your jaw bone. Once the peg has grown as one with the bone, a false tooth is fitted to the implant and instantly, you have a replacement tooth that is every bit as strong as a natural tooth and will stay with you for life.