Top Tips On How To Avoid Home Improvement Disasters In A Bathroom

Top tips on how to avoid home improvement disasters in a bathroom


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Whenever you are thinking of revamping any room in the home it is much cheaper to do the improvements yourself. Some of the main projects in a home can often become overwhelming, especially with bathrooms, if as a homeowner you have little experience in DIY Making a couple of mistakes can also quickly escalate costs, so it’s crucial that every item required for fitting out your bathroom is thoroughly researched and well-planned.


To try and avoid any mistakes, using the pictures that are online make a list of all the items your require, and if necessary ask a friend to check everything out in case you have missed something or haven’t accounted for everything. If the costing runs to it, use a professional plumber for the main plumbing. However if you are going to use your own skills, start with shutting the water off. Make room for all the debris. Demolition of bathroom suites in the home creates a lot of garbage and it’s a good idea to decide how you’re going to get rid of all the clutter, unwanted bathroom suite and other bathroom accessories. When removing bathroom radiators, make sure they has been drained. If you’re hammering and demolishing the old bathroom suite it is essential to prevent damage by covering up everything in the bathroom for extra protection. When deciding to tear down a wall or break up bathroom suites, always double-check the structure before beginning your demolition. Make sure you have enough time to finish and be prepared for plumbing to take up quite a bit of time. Installing bathroom suites or installing new plumbing may not be finished in one day. The end result is you may find you have no water or toilet. At SMR Bathrooms we have available a wide range of bathroom suites and bathroom accessories for your perusal.

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