Uses For A Telehandler Rental In Harrisburg Pa

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byAlma Abell

The construction industry makes use of various types of heavy equipment including something called a telehandler. This large machine is also referred to as a telescopic handler and acts as a forklift and crane in the construction and agriculture industries. It can accommodate various types of attachments like forks, buckets, and platforms which make it an indispensable machine for various applications. The following will cover some ways you can use a Telehandler Rental in Harrisburg, PA.


Forks are used just like you would use a standard forklift except when attached to a telehandler, it is used for very heavy duty jobs. Pallet forks, lumber forks, and cubing forks are the three types of forks used with telehandlers. The pallet fork is used in the same way as a forklift, lumber forks are wider and good for stacking wood and lumber, and the cubing pallet is ideal for loading, unloading, and stacking bricks or blocks on the job site.


Buckets are attachments used to scoop, carry, and drop loose materials. A telehandler with a bucket can be used to clean up gravel, dirt, and other loose debris on a job site. It is also for clearing areas for construction. Buckets come with teeth and in a variety of sizes and types depending on the application. You may also hear them referred to as material buckets. Another type of bucket attachment used is the grapple bucket which is used for bulkier loads and materials. Grapple buckets are often used for cleanup at disaster sites.


Platforms are also called work platforms since they are used to hold and lift people and materials necessary for the job. These attachments come in a variety of sizes and types to suit the project for which you need it. If you have the need for heavy equipment for use in high places, telehandlers with platforms can help you get the job done.

Other attachments may include truss booms, towers, augers, and winches. The key to the project for which you need a telehandler is to choose a quality Telehandler Rental in Harrisburg, PA company. Slaymaker Rental & Supply Co. of Lancaster, Pennsylvania rents various types of heavy and construction equipment including telescopic handlers in various sizes and for various applications.