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By Franz Hahn

A popular children’s website today is for Webkinz toys, at: http://www.webkinz.com. Webkinz are small, cute and cuddly stuffed animals, only a little different because each bears a secret code on the label that can be used by the animal’s owner at the Webkinz website.

Once children enter the Webkinz toy’s code, the can set up a free account for their beloved Webkinz pet and enjoy all types of online activities there:

1) They can then interact with fellow Webkinz owners in cyber-space.

2) Children can have fun being new owners of a variety of Webkinz pets. Online Webkinz pets not only give you the option to buy plus keep them in your cyber bedroom, they also give you the opportunity to be a part of their new virtual world where you can interact and play together 24/7, even on rainy days. Thus children can enjoy a chance to play with different pets online, getting to know more about them.


3) There are a bunch of different kinds of pets available at Webkinz, and of course children like them all. These range from cats, and big cats, to dogs, horses, hippos, pigs, ducks, frogs, bears, monkeys, rabbits, koala bears, elephants, cows and more. Some of these are also known as Lil Kinz.

Time to take a look at some of the more popular Webkinz animals. These categories and pets include:

Bears: Bears are represented by formidable Black Bear, icy Polar bear and laid back Panda.

Big Cats: Have some feline fun with little cats and BIG cats, from lions, representing the most regal part of Big Cats at Webkinz, to leopards, those strong and friendly beasts, to Tigers who invite you to adopt it.

Cats: There are cats with different names. The clever Alley Cat now lives in Kinzville. Black and White cat likes to play games. Cheeky Cat is always devoted to its owner while Persian cat comes with soft fluffy hair and sweet winning smile. Gray and White cat has a personality with as many facets as a rainbow.

Dogs: Enjoy games with all types of canines ranging from Dalmatians, to Basset Hounds, Pink Poodles, Bull Dogs, Chihuahuas to Golden Retrievers and other canines. You name it and they are all there, each representing the characteristic of its race.

Frogs: There are cold blooded Frogs, leaping Tree frogs and Bull Frogs in search of a new abode. They are all good enough to make your day.

Horses: Each toy in the horse category boasts its own quality and legend associated with it. For example, Pegasus has glimmering wings. Unicorn lives behind mountains. Clydesdale has adventurous spirit and heart of gold. Pink Pony is one of the prettiest.

Monkeys: Play with Cheeky Monkeys and intelligent Gorilla’s.

Rabbits: Run into snow white Rabbits and sweet Sherbert Bunny to choose from.

In addition to these categories, there are other Webkinz animals like big and lovely elephants, big hearted Hippos, little Pigs, shy and mysterious Googles ducks, super cool cows and adventurous koalas to choose form. There are pets available in all categories and types. Thus there is a huge variety of Webkinz animals for the kids to select from. In fact,buy all of them if you like.

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