What Makes An Ideal Internet Marketing Entrepreneur Resource

What Makes An Ideal Internet Marketing Entrepreneur Resource by Brad SempThe “make money” field is one of the most crowded niches online. Sometimes it seems like everyone who’s even considered making a dollar online has an entrepreneur resource to throw in your direction. Unfortunately, most of the material you find is stale, incomplete, impossible to interpret or just plain wrong. It can take a great deal of research and investigation to find something you can really use. If you’ve been searching for the “holy grail” of IM resources, you know exactly how hard it can be. All you really want is a clear, honest step-by-step set of instructions for setting up an online business. What you usually get is a barely disguised upsell for the next “product of the week” or information that’s intentionally incomplete because the provider really isn’t that interested in creating another competitor.What would the ultimate entrepreneur resource look like? It would be easy to use. It would be easy to read, but would also include a more visual component for those who prefer to “see” ideas presented in a more graphical format. The idea is that the product should really make an impact. It needs to jump right off the page and into the reader’s mind, clearly making an impact and teaching a lesson.Additionally, a truly ideal entrepreneur resource would simultaneously provide a clear overview of a moneymaking process and the details necessary to put the plan into operation. General concepts are great for spurring ideas, but they don’t put groceries on the table! On the other hand, a dense compendium of specific actions often fails to communicate the “big picture” you need in order to really make money.The perfect product for a budding online entrepreneur would avoid the hype and fluff endemic to most offerings, instead focusing on serious information. Instead of being a showcase for a gifted copywriter’s talent for making a sales pitch, it would concentrate exclusively on giving you the knowledge and tools necessary to start earning online right away.We’ve noted the bad news. Good entrepreneur resources are few and far between. There is good news, though. They are out there. Some of the top minds in the Internet marketing field have taken notice of the shortcomings of most products and tools in the field. They have created meaningful resources chock-full of truly pertinent information. Hopefully, this newly developing trend toward a “better way” will eventually do away with all of the half-cocked garbage one must currently search through in hopes of finding a powerful entrepreneur resource.In the meantime, you have a choice. You can give up, which obviously isn’t going to happen. You can keep struggling with incomplete outlines and flawed analysis until you personally cobble together an approach via trial and error. Or, you can be lucky enough to uncover one of the few powerhouse resources that really delivers what you need.Brad Semp is CEO and founder of Cashmap Systems, LLC, a business system improvement company focusing on helping business owners to improve through “systemization”. You can download your free copy of his popular resource rolodex for entrepreneurs at http://www.ResourceCashmap.com ResourceCashmap.comArticle Source: eArticlesOnline.com