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Mentioning hospital conjures up images of sick patients which may not be a thought anyone would want to entertain. Hospitals however also represent cleanliness; from the distinct smell of disinfectants to the scrubs worn by hospital personnel.

Scrubs have a history dating back to the 60s when most hospitals abandoned white medical attires for solid green elastic band pants and V-necked shirts which were short sleeved. The attires, because of the green color, were then referred to as surgical greens. The scrubs title was given to the medical attire owing to the fact that it is worn in scrubbed environments. The medical attires have been maintained as standard hospital dressing in most USA hospitals and in several UK hospitals. The notable changes made with the medical attires lies in their colors, which are commonly used to distinguish between different hospital staff members. For instance surgical doctors have maintained the solid green and blue scrubs while nurses wear bright colored scrubs. Scrubs with animal prints and other interesting prints are commonly worn by pediatric personnel.


Scrubs are important because of their functionality; they are easy to clean, their tailoring prevents dust from lodging up in their seams to maintain cleanliness and they are easily replaceable in case of damage or due to laundry requirements. Hospitals tend to purchase wholesale scrubs owing to their high demand during daily hospital operations. Surgeons in particular require several dress changes a day to maintain high cleanliness standards with every surgical procedure they carry out. With several surgical operations lined up in a day, they cannot wait for a pair to be laundered. They simply grab an extra pair of scrubs available at the hospital and go on to the next operation. It is this high requirement of the medical attires that leads hospitals to purchase wholesale scrubs.

These medical attires are tailored using light weight cotton. The light weight material helps the attire promote easy movement which hospital personnel are constantly involved in. Nurses have to move from patient to patient checking on progress, changing bed pans and administering drugs. There are situations when medical personnel have to run and assist patients in distress. The light weight nature of these medical attires makes swift movements possible. Their light weight nature also makes them quite easy to launder. They take minimal drying time, which is ideal for hospitals requiring them in abundance. However their light weight nature makes them highly prone to tears and quick wearing after a couple of washes. Their affordability makes it easy for hospitals to replace them by purchasing wholesale scrubs.

Buying wholesale scrubs comes with several advantages. To begin with, they are relatively affordable when bought in bulk at wholesale reduced prices. Bulk buying takes away the requirement to constantly replace the medical attires which are always in high demand within hospitals. Buying the medical attires in abundance stocks them up for easy access whenever medical personnel need to quickly change to keep up with the high cleanliness requirements in hospitals. The scrubs are also kept in supply to issue out to temporary hospital workers, like volunteers, who increase by the day hospital demands. Buying wholesale scrubs also helps a hospital create and maintain rapport with wholesale scrub sellers to receive similar or lower discounts with return business.

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