Write Effective Sales Copy With These Powerful Selling Words

By Aaron Hoos

Writing sales copy is both an art and a science, and your sales copy can have greater impact simply by following a few time-tested principles. This article examines 6 powerful selling words that you should incorporate into your work the next time you write sales copy:

You. If you are unable to personalize the copy by incorporating your audiences name, “you” is the next best option. “You” enables customers to take the benefits you describe in your copy and apply them (in their imagination) to their lives. That makes them want to buy the product. Example: Instead of “this computer is easy to use” write “you wont believe how easy this computer is to use”.

Own. Forget the words “buy” or “purchase”. These words turn off potential customers because it reminds them of the upcoming transaction and links your product or service with them handing over their money. Instead, substitute “own” to link your product or service with them enjoying it. Example: Instead of “buy it now” write “own it today”.


Free. People love this word because everyone loves free stuff! If you have a product or service and youd like to sell more of it, consider packaging it with a free product or service. Make sure the free product has perceived value to your customer but isnt so costly to you that your offering becomes unprofitable. Example: “When you invest in this SUV today, youll also receive this free hitch and winch package.”

Secret. This word is very magnetic; people love secrets. They are drawn to secrets and enjoy knowing what other people do not know. Consider how your product is either the best kept secret or perhaps reveals a secret that successful people have always known then market that revelation. Example: “You are about to learn an astonishing technique which has been the best kept weight-loss secret of 2007”.

Exclusive. Similar to secret, people are drawn to things that they feel might normally be out of their reach. In fact, many popular brands are only popular because there was a time when not everyone could get them. And when that happened, everyone wanted them! By narrowing your niche you can exclude many people and therefore, your product becomes so much more attractive. Example: “This beautiful painting hangs in Buckingham Palace but the artist has agreed to an exclusive, limited release of 100 signed prints”.

Guarantee. This can make a sale if its there or break it if its not. A guarantee is a great way to convince the fence-sitting prospect to try your product. Have a good guarantee that lasts a long time. The better guarantees offer more back to the customer (like 110% or 120%) and dont have a lot of restrictions. Example: “You have nothing to lose. If youre not completely satisfied, our rock-solid guarantee ensures that youll receive back your entire investment and you can still keep the set of wrenches”.

Right words are just the start. Your sales copy will succeed when you combine the right words with the right format and sell the highest value product to the most appropriate customer. These words will give your sales copy some added punch to make it more effective.

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