What Is A Therapeutic Massage Spa?

byAlma Abell

All spas are places where people go for relaxation however a therapeutic massage spa takes this service to a much higher plane. In an ordinary spa one can expect grooming more than anything else, it is a place which does hair, manicures, pedicures, facials and body scrubs. The massage therapists in Peabody MA take facials for example and add massage and other treatments that are designed to improve the appearance of the client as well as rejuvenate the body.

Treatments that one can expect in a therapeutic spa will always include massage. Depending on the type of treatment the massage can focus on the feet and the hands while other forms of massage treat the client from head to toe. During a massage in a therapeutic spa one can expect the massage therapists to use different forms of aromatherapy such as oils and candles which are lit during the therapy to induce deeper relaxation. When a person is fully relaxed the massage will be of most benefit.

Most therapeutic spas offer skin treatments, often in the way of facials. The facials are given in a gentle fashion; the objective is to renew the skin without inflicting any damage. The types of scrubs that are offered in high end spas normally use oatmeal and various herbs rather than harsh exfoliates which contain chemicals. The bath may also contain sea salt and herbal components.

Another popular treatment that one expects in a therapeutic spa is a foot scrub. A foot scrub is an ideal way to sooth tired feet and to remove dead skin. The scrub must be mildly abrasive to work properly but it also nourishes the feet by moisturizing dry skin. Although scent is a factor it is not important, as long as the scent is pleasant it is good.

The entire focus of the spa and the massage therapists in Peabody MA which work there is to provide a pleasant experience for the clients. A combination of a good massage which is designed to rid the body of tension, aches and pains as well as cleanse the muscles of toxins along with facials, foot scrubs and in some instance whole body wraps have a single purpose, to enhance the body and soul.

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